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Database connect 1und1 dbxxx.db.1and1.com failed

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Hello, I want to install pw 2.5.29dev on a 1and1 server. The installations goes into 

Database connection information did not work.

and also 

SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'dboxxxx'@'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' (using password: YES)

I tried the parameters with adminer.php and everything works fine. Is there something to tweak in the install.php?



P.S. I have databasename, username, password and servername. No unix-socket-connection.

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Hi cstevensjr, I used the hostname. In the error message the hostname is translated to the IP. I tried it with the port behind the IP and also with the port behind the hostname. Both fails. If I try it with the IP it goes into „connection refused”.

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It's a mass hoster. There are no specific rights for databases :-( I solved it now temporary with a database connection via Hetzner. So the site is now online and I have time to solve the problem.

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Hi Henning,

I had similar problems with 1&1 and fixed them by installing PW locally, then moving everything to the server (db via phpmyadmin), changing the config.php with the 1&1 db-credentials and finally adding the following line in the config:

$config->dbSocket = '/tmp/mysql5.sock';

Not sure where I found it, but worked for me :-)

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Hi Robert,

thank you for your post. This is/was my plan b :-) I'll try it and wether if it works or not I will report the result so that others won't have such trouble.

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I had the same problem with iPage.

"Database connection information did not work."

and also 

"SQLSTATE[HY000] ..."

The fix was getting the correct hostname. What seems to work for iPage is this host (replace username with your iPage username):


The port is 3306.

I asked my hosting service and they gave it to me right away.

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Today I found the time to move the database to 1und1. I found that the given password has two interesting characters: " and '

This was the problem. I simply escaped one of them in the config file. Never use passwords with " or '.

Now I have another problem. I will post it in a seperate thread.

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