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all languages with the same prefix?


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Im doing a multilanguage site, in Portuguese and English. But both languages have the same url. for example:

in the administration of content of any page, the url editing for the version of the page in each language, show the same prefix for all of them. I tries to create a new language, and also shows there, with the same prefix


I do have this plugins installed and active: 

  1. ProcessWire multi-language support.
  2. Languages Support - Fields 1.0.0
  3. Languages Support - Page Names 0.0.9
  4. Languages Support - Tabs

And the prefixes are correctly specified:


I dont know how i messed this up, but i need to correct it. I cant see any option thi change the prefixes, but iI thought that maybe i deleted something in the admin template. So, i replaced all default files with the original from the distro, and this still happens. 

im using ProcessWire 2.5, wampserver 2.5, in windows 7

thanks for any tips. Stay safe  :P

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