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Launched http://www.greggorrauto.com last week!   Responsive Theme built with Bootstrap 3 and Processwire!  Uses the bootstrap carousel for the slider, and the Affix.js to keep the right column on the inventory search page sticky on scroll.  (If the screen is tall enough.)  Also uses a modal style lightbox on the  inventory detail page as well as animated scrolling to anchors.

I know I used the Google maps marker module and the form templates processor module.  Also using redirects and batcher.  (Redirects for the sub menu items for the price ranges.  It just sends the user to the search page with the correct query strings.

The homepage slider is managed with the image field so I can drag and drop new slides up, but I didn't know how to manage both the caption and the link url using just the description field, and I did not know how to add another one, so I did a pipe delimited.  ie. image caption|http://www.linkurl.com format is used in the image description field.  If its easy to add a second box to separate those out, let me know!

Also, let me know what you think!

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Very nice site indeed, and clean too! Simple always works best. :)

With regards to Affix, it doesn't seem to be working for me, in any browser. I'm running 1366x768, and there's definitely enough estate for it to become fixed when I scroll (also, no bookmarks bar, and I'm using the small taskbar on Win8), but that's just visually-speaking. When I go fullscreen, it works. Most people use 1366x768 (laptops), and so I'd suggest making some kind of an alteration to make it work. Perhaps if you make Affix ignore the "Modify Search" heading, and only do the block beneath it?

I'm busy building a site for a charity, and found myself in the same place with the home page slider - I'm just using repeaters, as they really are efficient.

Edit: If you decide to use repeaters, be sure to set your image field to only accept one image. Then, when you call it in your template, you still need to call the first() method, like this:

<?php print $slide->your_image_field->first()->description; ?>

I'd like to make one comment with regards to the design: it feels almost too Bootstrap generic. If it were my site, it would be inclined to, at the very least, change the font, heading colours, and the bullet-footer (perhaps you could scrap the indent, remove the bullets, and split each link with a thin, light line). There's also a 1px white line at the bottom - I would definitely remove that.

That said, the site, as it is, is very friendly, and easy to use - so kudos for that. I would only make the changes as the Bootstrap look is too generic - at least for me anyway...

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