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How to set template or parent restrictions through API for page-field?


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Here are the fields you can set with a Page field:


$f = $fields->get("some_page_field"); 

// InputfieldPage settings
$f->parent_id = 123; // ID of allowed parent page
$f->template_id = 4; // ID of allowed template
$f->findPagesCode = 'return $page->parent->children();'; // alternate code to use for included pages
$f->labelFieldName = 'title'; // name of field to use as label (default is title)
$f->inputfield = 'InputfieldSelect'; // class name of inputfield you want to delegate selection to

// FieldtypePage settings
$f->derefAsPage = FieldtypePage::derefAsPageArray; // Multiple pages (PageArray)
$f->derefAsPage = FieldtypePage::derefAsPageOrFalse; // Single page (Page) or boolean false when none selected
$f->derefAsPage = FieldtypePage::derefAsPageOrNullPage; // Single page (Page) or empty page (NullPage) when non selected

The Inputfield settings only affect what is displayed in the admin (i.e. for locating what pages it should display as selectable).

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Reviving an old topic but which hook should I use for changing this behaviour with a module. When I use this code in admin.php it works perfectly but I could manage to use it with hooks.

$field = $fields->get("product_group");
$field->findPagesCode = 'return $page->rootParent->child("name=product-groups")->children();';
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UPDATE: I saw this post from apeisa after posting this. ProcessPageEdit::buildForm worked like a charm.

public function init() {

        $this->addHookAfter("ProcessPageEdit::buildForm", $this, 'setProductGroup');

    public function setProductGroup(HookEvent $event)
        $form = $event->return;
        $field = $form->get('product_group');
        if($field) {

            $field->findPagesCode = 'return $page->rootParent->child("name=product-groups")->children();';

        $event->return = $form;
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