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Include nanospell in TinyMCE


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I was trying to activate the spell checker in TinyMCE (PW 2.4) as I read it isn't available anymore, because Google put it down.

Now I tried for almost 2 hours to get nanospell (http://tinymcespellcheck.com) activated without luck.

I downloaded the plugin, put it into /site/tinymce/plugins/nanospell and copied that path into the Third-party plugins field for my body field. But whenever I save it, the field doesn't load. And I can't get this working.

nanospell itself works fine on my server, I tried their example that comes with the plugin. 

Where do I have to put those 4 lines:

	external_plugins: {"nanospell": "/site/tinymce/plugins/nanospell/plugin.js"},
	nanospell_server: "php",
        nanospell_dictionary: "en,de" 
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Details tab of the RTE field > TinMCE Advanced Config Options > Third Party Plugins

That's the place where I have put in nanospell's  path. I don't think all the init() comes there (tried it, but doesn't work either).

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The TinyMCE Spell checker I have user I placed in:


Then in the Third Party Plugins bit I put:

spellchecker : /site/tinymce/myplugins/spellchecker

And then in Buttons 1 I added spellchecker

I think it was this one:


Just as a thought, you may be able to do the additional setting in config.php within the nanospell plugin folder

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It feels like I tried hundreds of combinations :-)

But, if I insert in third party plugins 

nanospell : /site/tinymce/plugins/nanospell

the body field (TinyMCE editor) won't load at all. The browser console says the editor_plugin.js is missing. If I rename the plugin.js (within the nanospell folder) there is another JS file that is missing, and so on.

The default spellchecker that shipps with TinyMCE works, but it only works if you click the button before you start writing. It doesn't underline words that are already typed as you click the toolbar button.

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Ok, this could be the reason. It seems this one is build for v 4 of TinyMCE. Seems there is no good way to integrate a spell checker into the editor.

Anyway, thanks for your help!!

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