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It's been a while since my last post. Still steaming ahead with Processwire as my main CMS.  :)

Until now if I make any site updates I usually test on the localhost server and then manually make the changes to the live site e.g. create new fields, pages etc.

This is obviously doing the work twice. Not good  :(

Is there a better/quicker way to update the live site from the staging server all things being equal except for the changes I made on the localhost?

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NooseLadder - the link to the module the horst provided is designed primary to migrate page content and as a result it also grabs changes to fields and templates that are used by these pages. You can use the "Changes Since" option during export to grab all the changes to your site since that date/time and things should work as expected. The one thing thing that might seem confusing is that if you only make changes to template or field settings, you still need to export a page/pages that contain these templates/fields to capture these changes. Mindplay's work in progress module might also be useful here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/2117-continuous-integration-of-field-and-template-changes/ although his is only about field/template changes. Personally I can see using both options depending on the needs.

I still don't consider Migrator release worthy, so you should definitely test the import to a test PW installation before trying it on your live site.

I do hope to get it finalized sometime in the next few weeks or so..... There are some small outstanding issues (like template context field settings) and also I need to test support for all the new pro fields which I haven't done yet.

One thing I really need is help testing it :)

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