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Weekly update – 5 July 2024

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This week there were several commits to the core, mostly for resolving pending issue reports. In addition, this week I've posted a new version of the "Page Edit Children" module in the ProFields download thread. Below is the changelog for this new version:

Added support for adding new children that can be fully edited right away (without having to save first). This is similar to how it already worked for the clone action. It makes it a lot quicker and easier to build out child pages, and you can add+edit as many as you want before hitting "Save". 
In addition, you can now drag/drop the "Add New" fieldset to the place where you want to add the new child page. This enables you to easily insert new pages anywhere you want, rather than only adding them at the bottom of the list. 

Added support for new child actions: Lock/Unlock and Hide/Unhide. These accompany the existing Publish/Unpublish and Clone actions. 

You can now configure what actions you want to be available via setting in the module configuration.  For instance, maybe you don't need Hide/Unhide or Lock/Unlock, so you can simply turn them off.

Action status is now more obvious, as the "on" states of actions (like unpublished, locked, hidden) now appears in red, making it much more obvious when a child page has one of these states. 

Added new configuration option that lets you choose whether the sort handle for each item should be on the left side of each child, or on the right side (with the other actions). You probably want it on the left side, unless you are using custom page icons (defined with templates) and you want them to appear. In v1 the sort handles were always on the right.

Added support for an optional headline that appears above the child pages.

Added support for customizing the "Add new" label in the module settings. 

If you want to change the icons that are used for actions, you can now do so by hooking the new actionIcons() hookable method. 

Added a confirmation dialog for the Clone action. This helps make it easier to recover if you accidentally click the clone action.

There were also various other minor updates, including minor fixes and optimizations. This version is available for download now in the ProFields thread. This is still considered a development version so be sure to test thoroughly before using in any production environments. 

For version 3 (or nearby), I am hoping to add support for one of the feature requests: editing both children and grandchildren on the same screen. 

The screenshot below demonstrates a few of things mentioned in the changelog above. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 


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@ryan "Page Edit Children" module looks great! I have a small question (maybe a silly one but unfortunately I don't have a ProFields subscription to check this one out) is there an option to hide children pages from normal pages tree list in the admin? to manage children only from the parent edit screen?

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