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Casa Douro Guesthouses


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Hi guys.

Check out my latest project Casa Douro Guesthouses.

As the name implies, Casa Douro offers a few guesthouses in historic Porto and on the Douro Region. They came to us looking for a well built website that would fit their marketing efforts and grab direct reservations, instead of relying only on Booking.com and Airbnb.

Since their channel manager (CM) software only offers a cookie-cutter website and no API, ours does all the presentation and jumps straight to the booking system when the user decides to make a reservation.

As usual on my sites, pages are built using a blocks system (Profields Repeater Matrix), allowing the admin to change things up a little bit between the different units. Plus the usual WireMailSMTP, SEOMestro, and Rockfrontend because I love using Latte templates.

The frontend is a mix of Tailwind + SCSS on more complicated components, and JS over Vite which allows me to keep it as vanilla as possible.

We already have plans for new sections, and maybe upgrade the booking system in the future.

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Woah... that site is fast... it may not show the speed in Page Speed Metrics but it feels faster than most sites I've built.

2,6MB feel like 260kb and maybe faster. It's almost instant.

Great job!


One downside or issue... mobile view and the gallery aren't friends as of right now.


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