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Functions in _init seems to be a bad idea


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I've been putting global functions in _init.php for quite a while. However when doing a wire404(); _init.php is called again and i get a functions redeclared error.

but _init.php seems to be made for this purpose? Is this a bug or did I misunderstand?

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Hello @joe_g

Yes I don't think this is a good place to define functions. When calling wire404(), a new template is rendered (page-404), so _init file is called again.

But you may do it with a constant:

if (!defined('FUNCTIONS_INITIALIZED')) {

    function test():void {
        echo "Hello";

    define('FUNCTIONS_INITIALIZED', true);

For global functions I prefer to create static classes in different packages, each class for a single context.

When using custom Page classes, it's also possible to add this functions as methods in a base MyCustomPage class, and call them with $page->myMethod().

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I can't test this right now, but it might be simpler to put your functions in a separate file (e.g '_funcs.php') and then in '_init.php'  use:

// in _init.php

require_once '_funcs.php';

By using 'require_once', it shouldn't matter how many times '_init.php' gets called, the '_funcs.php' file will only be included once.

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