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ProcessWire in YAWS (Erlang Server)


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Hello, I made this little experiment, maybe useful for someone.

YAWS (Yet Another Webserver) is a HTTP 1.0/1.1 webserver which is completely written in Erlang. YAWS has been noted well suited for dynamic-content web applications in many cases.

Because Yaws uses Erlang's lightweight threading system, it performs well under high concurrency. A load test conducted in 2002 comparing Yaws and Apache found that with the hardware tested, Apache failed at 4,000 concurrent connections, while Yaws continued functioning with over 80,000 concurrent connections.

Mixing Erlang and PHP is a powerful combination. PHP has a vast web development ecosystem and Erlang
has more than 30 years of production ready concurrency solutions that scale well.




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Your experiment showcases the impressive capabilities of YAWS (Yet Another Webserver), a web server written entirely in Erlang. YAWS's utilization of Erlang's lightweight threading system enables outstanding performance under high concurrency, as demonstrated in a 2002 load test where it outperformed Apache by continuing to function with over 80,000 concurrent connections. This highlights YAWS as a robust choice for dynamic-content web applications. Moreover, your mention of the potential synergy between Erlang and PHP emphasizes the power of combining PHP's extensive web development ecosystem with Erlang's three decades of proven concurrency solutions, offering scalability and versatility for web development projects.

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