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What files/folders should be added to .gitignore for regular development?


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As always, @LostKobrakai offers us an elegant solution. Sir, you have my respect.

For mac users (I do most my coding on a mac myself), adding ".DS_Store" is also a good thing. If only I could tell Filezilla to ignore those as well :/

I've recently been thinking of this matter as well. Having a few published sites where my local copy now has completely different content from what's online, it's simple to conclude that it's best to leave everything under assets away from version control. But on my latest project I'm also adding a couple of bespoke (love that word, so high-end) modules, so I'd keep modules within git's range as well.

Then all you have to consider when changing stuff is export the new / changed fields and templates to the live version, upload new / changed files, and that's about it.

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