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Here's one of my latest projects: https://petibol.pt/

Petibol develops and produces of all types of EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) and EPS components and packaging for various industries. This website is a collaboration between Supertiny and GOdesign.

Super simple approach: The frontend is just SCSS and vanilla js "components" (no libraries), and pages are built with a blocks system based on a repeater field.

Having tried a bunch of stuff between building this site almost a year ago and publishing it (Tailwind, AlpineJS, VUE...) it's pleasing to return to this site's code and compare the approach. Here I've basically set up Laravel Mix to compile SCSS, join and minify a bunch of <1kb js files. A BEM style approach to the styles so that I have a bunch of preset variables for typography, spacing and whatnot, and the JS files follow the same logic of identifying components like the hamburger or the parallax effect by looking for specific data-attributes and going from there. Super clean, performant, and couldn't be easier to pick up and maintain.

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