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ProcessWire Docker Image


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ProcessWire Docker Image

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Dockerized Processwire installation and development enviroment

  • Local enviroment with MariaDB container included
  • Mount local filesystem
  • Processwire versions
  • VSCode Itelliphense configuration
  • xDebug preconfigured
  • Opcache + JIT ready (xDebug must be disabled)

Installation & usage

Development enviroment installation

Build using local script

$ git clone https://github.com/laikmosh/docker-processwire.git
$ cd docker-processwire
$ docker-compose up

Install as usual, no extra configuration is needed.

There is a config-dev.php file in the ./site/ folder, this file will load by default when running locally, but is in the .dockerignore, so it wont be included at image building time.

Custom php.ini settings can be set at:


*Image must be rebuilt for changes on php.ini to take effect

Development enviroment usage

By default the ProcessWire installer will load the `.env` configuration.
Configure .env file for project and DB settings, default database credentials are:

User: admin
Password: password
Server: database
Port: 3306

Editable files and templates will be installed to the ./site/ folder.

Processwire documentation

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  • Laikmosh changed the title to ProcessWire Docker Image
  • 6 months later...

Thank you for the Docker image.

During ProcessWire install, I am getting errors "Database connection information did not work" and "SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory".

How should I resolve this?

Thanks in advance.

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  • 5 months later...

You can use my composition as a starting point. It has a configurable ProcessWire version (must be a tagged one on GitHub) and supports DB dumps for complete version control.

Be advised this is intended for local development and NOT for production! You should be able to add SSL and some more hardening to make it production-ready though (for sure remove the phpmyadmin container!).

poljpocket/processwire-docker: Docker installation of ProcessWire for local development (github.com)

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