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multi-instance and unpublished repeater items

Jennifer Stock

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Hi. I'm working on converting a small site to run as an instance of my main PW install, so it can live in a different web root and be addressed by a different domain name.

I'm finding a few things to be different in the multi-instance environment:

  • $page->field->url does not include the file name along with the path, as it does in a traditional environment
  • date fields are not being translated into the specified format
  • repeater events are being shown whether or not they are marked as published

Wondering if there is a pattern to what I'm seeing, and how best to address it. I've found a work-around for the first item, and the second item seems manageable, but I don't know what to do about the repeater issue.

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It sounds like output formatting is off for the page in question. I haven't used multi-instance so I'm not sure if it's normal for pages retrieved this way to have output formatting off by default or if it's a bug.

But you can turn output formatting on for your page like this:

// $p is your page from the other instance
// Now output field values from $p


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