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301 redirect in .htaccess adds weird "?it=" parameter to URL


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I created a website in processwire and want to add some 301 redirects due to some changes in the overall structure of the page.

In my .htaccess I added some rules like this (I am using the default PW .htacces, starting at Line 164)

Redirect 301 /de/women https://mywebsite.de/modewelten/women/

When opening the URL I get a working redirect but the URL suddenly looks like that:


The page is accessible but I have no Idea why this "it" Parameter is added. 

Another Problem is this redirect:

Redirect 301 /de/bestellungen https://mywebsite.de/kontakt/

When opening the URL i get a redirect which leads to a 404 Page because the URL makes no sense at all:


I have these redirect problems both in my local dev environment and the live server. 

I found this old thread with the same problem but the solution does not work for me:


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Thanks, I just installed the module an made a redirect. 

The URL turns out exactly the way as with the .htaccess entry. I still get this malformed redirect URL:


I still have no clue what is causing this ?

I will check if this is a cache-related problem, though.

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