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Make unpublished pages accessible via GET parameter


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For advanced needs there is a module from @Robin S : https://processwire.com/talk/topic/21153-access-by-query-string/


But if you need something really quick and simple, just put that in your init.php:

if($input->get('code', 'string') === 'YOURSECRET') {
  // remove the unpublished state in memory (non-persistant)

This makes /yourpage accessible via /yourpage/?code=YOURSECRET ? 

PS: I had this need today to show a page to a user that has no login and to make sure that the page is also excluded from search results (that's why just hiding the page would not have been enough).

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Nice tip!!

To elaborate on other examples, I do something like this to have this same "code to view" per page (in the sense of one code per page) like this on ready.php:

  wire()->addHookAfter('Page(template=sometemplate)::viewable', function($event){
          $page = $event->object;
          $pass = wire('input')->get->text('pass');

          if($page->page_pass && $pass){
              if($page->isUnpublished() && $pass == $page->page_pass){
                  $event->return = true;


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What about this? ? 

  AND $page->template == 'sometemplate'
  AND $input->get('code', 'string') == $page->page_pass) {


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Didn't read it correctly on first response :)
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