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PW 3.0.169 – Core updates


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ProcessWire 3.0.169 contains 19 commits relative to 3.0.168, and most are focused on improvements and minor fixes throughout the core. For more details see the dev branch commit log. This week I’ve also been working quite a bit on a new ProFields module that at the moment is called Combo. It contains both Fieldtype and Inputfield modules within it, and I’ll have more to tell you about it soon. But I can say that it fits right in with the purpose of ProFields, which is: greatly reduce the number of fields needed to accomplish a particular need. And it does so in a way that isn’t easily achieved with any other module at present, so I think it’ll be a nice addition. The Inputfield part of it can also be used independently of the Fieldtype, meaning you could use it in FormBuilder forms, etc. I’ve got to keep it short today because of the Thanksgiving holidays here in the US (my wife is off work and kids have no classes today). Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 

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