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How to structure a Portal for multiple Companies?

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Hey Guys,

I'm working on deploying a portal like website which will allow different companies to log into the portal and end up on their own version of the site.
I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to structure this. These are the goals I have in mind:

- Every company that uses the portal should have it's own version of it, preferably it's own database 
- I want to use the same template files for all the instances of the site for all companies
- One company should NEVER be allowed to use the portal of a different company

I was thinking of creating main pages with the names of the companies and have all other pages with the same templates as always copied 
to be children under that page. So for instance:

- Home
     - Company 1 ( company1.portal.com )
          - Portal Home
          - Portal Content
          - Portal Contact
     - Company 2 ( company2.portal.com )
          - Portal Home
          - Portal Content
          - Portal Contact

If using the same database I could give all user account a code that refers to their company part of the portal
so if user xyz logs in and had the company code "company2" they would get sent to the Company 2 portal.
But I'm not sure how safe this is?

Any suggestions or ideas of how to handle this best?
Also I was wondering if it is possible to create the company1.portal.com domains without adding DNS records to my hosting account constantly?

Any tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated :)

Grts, Bram

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