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I have a website that's mostly in two languages.

But I have a news section that doesn't have the same content in the two languages. Sometimes it's translated one-on-one, but mostly there are articles only in the default language or exclusively in the non-default language.

What's the tactic for the exclusive non-default language news-articles?

  • I tried making a page without filling the default language fields, but that doesn't work, because the title is required.
  • I tried disabling the multi-language for that specific template, but then I can't make any pages for the non-default language.

Anyone who wants to help? I'm not a genius in programming PHP unfortunately.

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sorry to come to you so late...

actually, i your case i would choose a very simple solution which would be to use pw ability to fill all the languages with the default one if they are empty
having worked on a website in nine languages (including russian, chinese and japanese), you can imagine that the case you describe happened quite a lot...

my solution in your case would be quite simple, if the editor only has the news in the non default language, well, let them fill the... default language, pw will take care of the rest of the job
then, the question will be, do you want to display all the news in both (or more) languages, no matter the language they appear in
- if so, job done
- if not, just add a select on the news template to choose in which language(s) it will be displayed with both/language1/language2 (for more than two languages, a multi select or checkboxes would do the job)
this being done, it's easy to exclude news on the allnews template depending on their language and not to display the language switch on those that are not translated or, if more than two languages, only display in the switch the languages you want

in case it helps
have a nice day

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