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multiple-site support on MAMP

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I'm trying to install a multiple site installation as discussed here https://processwire.com/docs/more/multi-site-support/ 

Both sites are for the same client so I opted for option #1, different database, different web content, same PW installation.

I already had worked on both sites separately, so now I just want to move one site to the root folder of the other PW installation where the other site folder sits.

To my understanding, I need to change the config file to link to a different database and have different http-hosts.

My question is, how do I get it to run on MAMP? In my htdocs folder I can only choose the main folder (in which both site-folders sit) and when I open that one it just shows me what's in site, not what is in site-2.

thanks for help

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I have never used MAMP but the following setup should work...

Your MAMP htdocs folder (the one with wire inside), should have a structure like this.


Note the index.config.php. Do you have that? Inside it reads:


If used, this file should be copied/moved to the ProcessWire installation root directory

Your index.config.php (that you moved/copied from wire/index.config.php)

<?php namespace ProcessWire;

 * ProcessWire multi-domain configuration file (optional)
 * If used, this file should be copied/moved to the ProcessWire installation root directory.
 * ProcessWire 3.x, Copyright 2016 by Ryan Cramer
 * https://processwire.com

if(!defined("PROCESSWIRE")) die();

 * Multi-domain configuration: Optionally define alternate /site/ dirs according to host
 * If used, this file should be placed in your web root and then edited as follows. 
 * This function returns an array that should be in the format where the array key
 * is the hostname (including domain) and the value is the /site/ directory you want to use.
 * This value must start with 'site-', i.e. 'site-domain' or 'site-something'. This is to
 * ensure that ProcessWire's htaccess file can recognize and protect files in that directory.
 * Note that if your site may be accessed at either domain.com OR www.domain.com, then you'll
 * want to include entries for both, pointing to the same /site-domain/ directory. 
 * Each /site/ dir has it's own /site/config.php file that should be pointing to a separate
 * database. You shouldn't have two different /site/ dirs sharing the same database. 
function ProcessWireHostSiteConfig() {
	return array(
		 * Some Examples (you should remove/replace them if used).
		 * Just note that the values must begin with 'site-'.
		 'mydomainblog.com' => 'site-blog',
		 'www.mydomainblog.com' => 'site-blog',
		 'anotherdomain.com' => 'site-another', 
      	 'dev.mydomain.com' => 'site-dev',

		 * Default for all others (typically /site/)
		'*' => 'site',

Each site* will have its own site/config.php, with the correct credentials. ProcessWire will do the rest. Of course, you need all your domains working first, even locally. E.g. dev.mydomain.local, etc. in your hosts file.

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