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Advice error when I see a template


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Not sure what the problem is here, the error tells you exactly what's going on 😉 You appear to have a namespace statement somewhere inside your template – as per the documentation, namespaces need to be defined at the very start of your script. Either remove the namespace statement or move it to the top and the error will go away. If the namespace statement is at the very top and you're still getting the error, it might have something to do with (a) a problematic file encoding, make sure you're using utf-8 or (b) something going wrong with ProcessWire's template compiler. If correcting the problem does not make the error go away, please post your template so we can check what's going on.

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3 minutes ago, franciccio-ITALIANO said:

Ok, so, I must write <?php $content = $page->body;?>


<?php echo $content = $page->body;?>

Just write

<?php echo $page->body; ?>

or the short code 😉 



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