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File names (in particular images)


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Since most Operating systems support unicode file names, I'm wondering why PW still sanitizes (image) filenames to [-_.a-z0-9] characters only.
I've used @adrian's Custom Upload Names module before to change file names, but it still depends on @ryan's core Pagefiles->cleanBasename, which strips out all non ascii characters.

HDPI images are often named "image@2x.jpg" and from a copyright perspective "image©2019-company.jpg" would be far more practical (obvious) than hidden exim data. Something like "image-ab&cd.jpg" or "image(v2).jpg" isn't a weird thing either.

Linux, Windows and MacOS can all handle this kind of file names, and offcourse modern browsers too.
Is there any particular reason why this couldn't be implemented as a default in PW?

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