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Lance O.

Best hook method to use?

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I want to create a hook that will:

  1. Check for pages with a specific template ("order").
  2. Check that the page has a datetime field that is more than 30 days old.
  3. Send an email to a specific address.
  4. Change the value of a field to show the email was sent.

What is the best hook method to use? I don't necessarily need this to execute on every page load on the public site, and it can't execute when viewing the specific template ("order"), but it can execute when the "orders" page is viewed on the public site.

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Sounds like you could use LazyCron here. 

Check your pages how often you want (daily, weekly, each hour), look for those pages and do what ever you want to do with them.

Put things like this in ready.php or create a module:

<?php namespace ProcessWire;

wire()->addHookAfter('LazyCron::every6Hours', function (HookEvent $e) {

    $pagesOlderThirtyDays = $e->pages->findMany("template=order, ... ");

    foreach ($pagesOlderThirtyDays as $potd) {




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@wbmnfktr This is perfect, thank you! Thanks for steering me in a better direction.

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