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Weekly update for July 19, 2019

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This week I was catching up with client work after traveling last week, but some of that work overlapped with a focus on WireMail modules. As a result, this week I’ve released two new WireMail modules, and also have information in this blog post on how you can configure two existing WireMail modules (WireMailSmtp and WireMailPHPMailer) to use Gmail as the SMTP sender—


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Hey @ryan, I wanted to comment on this blog post but couldn't figure out how. There is a different google smtp service for G Suite users that lets you send mail from custom domains / addresses / ips. It also has huge free sending limits per user per day. Ideally the domain you'd like to send from should be added to your G Suite account, but you can also send from domains that aren't associated with G Suite. See more info here https://support.google.com/a/answer/2956491. I think it would be relevant to flag this as lots of people use G Suite but don't seem to know about it.

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Also, to avoid enabling insecure apps in Gmail the recommended method is to enable 2FA on your Google account, then you can add passwords for individual apps.

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Sorry for the spam on this post, but I just went through the process of figuring out and setting up the above so I thought this might help anyone interested.

Lets say you have:
- domain1.com in G Suite with user@domain1.com as a user account
- domain2.com that you want to relay mail through GSuite SMTP

Add domain2.com to the domains of your G Suite without adding all the MX records, just the txt DNS record for confirmation. You can of course add the MX records as well, but if you aren't going to use domain2 for new G Suite users or as an alias for existing users, then no need.

In admin.google.com Apps > G Suite > Settings for Gmail > Advanced settings look for "SMTP relay service" under routing and add a setting like screenshot below.

This will let you:
- authenticate smtp-relay.gmail.com:465 or smtp-relay.gmail.com:587 using user@domain1.com / password
- send mail through GSuite relay as anyadress@domain2.com

The only things to note are:
- both the above need TLS enabled. I believe if you use 25 without SMTP AUTH you can only send to accounts in your G Suite organisations but I might be wrong, the instructions are quite confusing
- to save to your sent box in the account you use for auth you need to enable comprehensive mail storage for G Suite

Also I haven't tested this with any of the Processwire SMTP modules, I have a working setup using postfix. Will be testing this with PW soon thought so I'll report back here.



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