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PW 3.0.129 – Core updates + new ProMailer version


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Like in recent weeks past, the primary focus this week in core development was working through the queue of older issue reports. Relative to 3.0.128, ProcessWire 3.0.129 contains 17 commits over 1 week, most of which are focused on resolving and closing out older issue reports. However, there have also been a few very useful additions too, and I’m going to cover them in a blog post next week. 

In terms of our issues repository, we are now down to 65 open issues and 777 closed (the closed number is a total over the life of this repo). If we subtract issues that are tagged as being fixed, not a bug or ready to close, we’re around 55 open issue reports (give or take a couple depending on when we check). Which is to say, there’s a lot of great progress here. And many of the remaining issues are minor things that might only affect one person, though still important nonetheless. Thanks to everyone that’s helping figure things out (such as Toutouwai, Matjazpotocnik, Netcarver and others), your help is greatly appreciated. 

Just now I also released a new version of ProMailer (v7) which accommodates many of the recent feature requests and fixes a few minor issues as well. There has been a lot of enthusiasm for ProMailer, pleasantly more than expected—thanks for your interest and support. Here’s the changelog for the latest version (v7) below. There is also more good stuff in the works for v8 as well. 

  • Changed subscribers list interface to use tabs. 
  • Added ability to remove all subscribers from a list.
  • Added ability to remove filtered subscribers from a list (matching find query).
  • Added ability to import subscribers from another list (creating a merged list). 
  • Added support for single, multi-select and checkbox custom fields.
  • Added support for PW 3.0.129+ core WireMail blacklist (more details in next week’s blog post). 
  • Added several new options for custom fields (see new custom fields reference).
  • Added documentation for conditional placeholders.   
  • Split the rather large ProcessProMailer.module into separate files/classes.   
  • Fix some display issues in AdminThemeDefault and AdminThemeReno.
  • Various minor bug fixes and other minor tweaks, additions and improvements. 

Thanks for reading this quick update and hope that you have a great weekend. 

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This is awesome Ryan, keep it up! I can imagine going through the issue reports is not as exciting as developing new features but it's definitely more important in terms of maintainability and long-term user happiness. Happy that these issues are being tackled.

I wish you and everyone in the community a great weekend too.

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Hi Jacmaes,

Thanks for answering.

Looks like Ryan needs to update his shop listings: ProDevTools doesn't list ProMailer as part of it. And there's no single site version over there either.

Hmm... of course, Ryan must be incredibly busy. :-)

I'll wait and see if a single site version of ProMailer appears... at least for a little while.

Thanks again!


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