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Warning message when defining a field in repeater as required

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Today I came across a strange warning message (orange):

  • I created a repeater, assigned a few fields.
  • One field is a checkbox.
  • Below that are a bunch of fields (text, image type).
  • The fields below the checkbox were set to required only if checkbox=1. Which I have used a million times in one combination or another.
  • But after saving the repeater field, I got an orange warning banner at the top: "required if conditions are not possible within repeaters". (translated from German, from the top of my head).

Funny thing is: It all works, as expected.

I searched the open issues on Github but found nothing.

Anyone else seen something like this? Perhaps it's a legacy warning message that should have been removed by now?

PW version: one of the last 1-2 (dev)

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I just tested and couldn't find any problem with required if conditions inside a repeater - like you said, they seem to work fine. And I tried it some while ago and couldn't find a problem then either:

So maybe there are some specific types of required if conditions that don't work, or maybe it was a limitation that was later fixed. Do you want to file a GitHub issue so Ryan can take a look and either clarify the types of condition that don't work or else remove the notice?

Edit: scratch all that - the required if conditions don't work as expected inside a repeater. At first it seems that they do work, because when you fulfill the required if condition the asterisk appears and the field is indeed required. But the problem is that field is always required, so even if you don't fulfill the required if condition and the asterisk is removed the field is still required.

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