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Create a new super user?

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Can anyone help with the following please?

We are new to Processwire having just inherited a site designed using the software.

We have been given a login user name and password but it appears it is not for a super user account.

With the limited access we have is there a way to either upgrade the account we do have or create a new super user?

Any help much appreciated.


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Hello Jonathan

Many thanks for the quick reply and advice.

I tried the code and ran it on our url/reset.php

However I still can not login in with user admin.

We seem to have ProcessWire 2.2.3

We have no actually forgotten our password just don't have a super user account we can access.

Does this code assume there is a default admin account and it is this password we are resetting?

Sorry for lack of knowledge, this is new to us.



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Be careful with your site. 😉

Please create a backup of your website files and database first before trying anything else.

No access is better than no site.

Does your /reset.php work or do you see a 404 page not found page or errors at all?

If it does work you could try this code to create a new SUPERUSER:


// if previously tried with this solution
// https://processwire-recipes.com/recipes/resetting-admin-password-via-api/
// you need to include ProcessWire here as well - line below
// require "index.php";

    $newadmin = new User();
    $newadmin->name = "newCmsAdminUser";
    $newadmin->email = "user@domain.tld";
    $newadmin->pass = "aSecurePasswordHere";

I really don't know if this will work with ProcessWire 2.2.3 or if you need further adjustments.



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