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PageTable Extra Actions

Robin S

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A module for ProcessWire CMS/CMF. Allows PageTable items to be published/unpublished and hidden/unhidden directly from the inputfield.



Install the PageTableExtraActions module.

Use the icons in the "Actions" column of a PageTable field to publish/unpublish or hide/unhide an item.



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7 hours ago, Noel Boss said:

Using the Uikit Theme, but there is no markup for your Icons…

Working fine here with AdminThemeUikit.


7 hours ago, Noel Boss said:

am I correct that I need ProFields: Page Table installed?

Yes, this module adds features to a PageTable field, so you need to have FieldtypePageTable installed and add a PageTable field to your template. In v0.1.1 I have made FieldtypePageTable an install requirement for the module to avoid any confusion about this.

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