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Hi guys!

I'm really happy to finally showcase this website in the forum. It's the website of a Porto based Digital Animation Studio. A bunch of talented folks, really.

This is a heavily animated/scripted/ajaxed website, that makes use of CSS animations, transitions, transforms, HTML5 audio API, and so on and so on. I spent actually more time debugging than constructing it. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to kill all the bugs before the launching, so you might experience some along the way. We even had to give up on Safari (Damn buggy piece of software >:(!!), and advice the user to use another modern browser. But we think it's still well worth it :)

This is also the first website we developed but didn't design. The design is from the excellent The Royal Studio, from Porto. You might know some of their illustration work for the Adobe online tutorials.


Enough talk, here is the link http://www.aimcreativestudios.com/ (No safari, please, you'll regret it)

Hope you guys like it!


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Thanks Antti! But credit where it's due — the typography work was mostly from Royal Studio, and fortunately the guys at AIM were quite picky with me concerning detail :)

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