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Niinu Agility Sport running PW


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Our new site is built on the magnificient PW. Niinu Agility Sport is leading dog trainer in Finland with top of the notch quality of coaching. Our target, when choosing PW as the platform, was to find a tool that would help us maximise the level of automatisation in enrollment to our classes, billing and capacity management processes. Along the way we found we could improve so many other areas in our services that directly affect our end-user statisfaction. This was not the first project for us to use PW as the platform, but is absolutely the most effective one. Previous ones have mainly been "just websites". Now we have been able to integrate PW into the core of our business. Thus, able to leverage to level of our execution to compeltely new level.  

Most of the eyecandy for us lies in the back-end where we are able to drastically reduce the amount of manual labour in the course management and yet improve and enhance our customer experience and our ability in customer nurturation.

I'm not sure if we could thank to mr. @apeisa enough for his ingeniousness and efforts in this project and in helping us to accomplish all of this. Outcome exceeds our expectations in every aspect, thanks to the incredible flexibility of PW as platform.


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7 hours ago, thlinna said:

Most of the eyecandy for us lies in the back-end...

We cannot see the backend, however if it is just as clean and easy to use as the frontend's graphic design, then it must be really well crafted! A big applause to the creators!

PS: I noticed a missing image: https://www.niinuagilitysport.fi/virallinen-agilityharjoitus-09-2016-viikkorata/nutrolin_acana_orijen/

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