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Can't upload animated GIF


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Hello, I can´t upload an animated gif into an image field, when using "Choose file" or dropping the file onto the field it keeps spinning but doesn´t finish, and when saving the page it's not uploaded. Any idea why?

Thanks in advance, Alejandro.

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Just to be safe: which version of PW? I assume PW 3+ or 2.8+

But regardless of that, you need to install this: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/image-animated-gif/



For the record: We want to implement an equivalent of the above module into the PW 3+ / 2.8+ core. But I first need to modify / write it.

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Endless saving events are a sign that the ajax upload resulted in returning some PHP notice, warning, error via AJAX. That prevents the imagefield from updating correctly. You need to use the browsers Webtools and see what you get returned from the AJAX upload. ALso useful is to check manually in the assets/files/{12345}/ folder what files are there. (Your original file? A thumbnail? Nothing?)

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this happens with $config->debug true


XHR Loaded (resize - 500 Internal Server Error - 7.216459000002942s - 754B)
VM5639:3 http://diabeu.com/processwire/page/image/resize?id=1&file=skull.gif&width=505&height=727&hidpi=0
VM5640:3 Time over 1000ms
VM5641:3 Object {startedDateTime: "2016-08-25T17:16:39.149Z", time: 7216.459000002942, request: Object, response: Object, cache: Object…}

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