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I want to have a front-end dashboard for each registered user


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There is dashboard for back-end admin.

How about a dashboard for front-end user ?

look like


When a user registered from front-end, instead of a new user account created, the user could access his/her own dashboard at


where 22 is the user account page id

Then I could add whatever in the dashboard

like order history for a e-commerce site

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ProcessWire does not separate backend and frontend user, it's up to you if you allow a user to access the backend.

So the frontend dashboard could work like this:

  1. The user registers on the frontend and you create a ProcessWire user with all given information. This will also assign a unique ID to the user object.
  2. Create a template "dashboard" where you grab the user-ID via urlSegment1
  3. Display any stuff you want in this template


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  1. Create a template "dashboard" where you grab the user-ID via urlSegment1

Assuming that each user should have access only to his own account/ content, there is no need to work with UrlSegments since you have access to the $user API. The output of example.org/dashboard/ can be individually to each user.


  1. Create a role 'frontenduserrole' without any permission.
  2. Create a template  dashboard and a file dashboard.php like
if ($user->isLoggedin() && $user->hasRole('frontenduserrole')) {
 echo "Welcome back $user->name";
else echo "You need to login first.";
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I made something like your original idea:

A website with members which are also sorted into groups. Then the url of a members dashboard is like


The structure:

 |   |--group
...  |    |--member
     |    |--member
     |    |--member
     |    |--member
     |    |--member
    ...  ...

... But I am not sure if I still like that approach very much ^^

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