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The BMW Dealersites is a collaboration of various BMW dealers, brought together in a multisite ProcessWire setup with centralized and per-dealer contentmanagement possibilities. For anyone interesed, below a quick glance at the multisite pagetree:


BMW enforces strict design guideliness for all websites that are built carrying the BMW logo. The guideliness are extensive but can be considered a bit outdated, since they do not take responsive possibilities into account yet. We managed to implement a responsive setup nevertheless, still complying to the guideliness. Which was quite a struggle, I can assure you :)

As mentioned, the Dealersites is a collaboration of various BMW dealers. The idea is that all dealersites are basically the same (fields and templates), yet content may vary. This enabled us to create a centralized content module, in which content can be added and copied to all underlaying dealersites, minimizing the efforts needed to add and maintain content. See the screenshot below for an impression on how this works.


We have been experimenting with hosting a bit. The sites are hosted using various Docker instances on an Amazon EC2 server, and mails are sent using Amazon SES. In the near future we plan on implementing ProCache3 with Amazon CloudFront. If you need any info on our experiences with this, just drop a line in this topic or sent me a DM.

We have used quite a few modules, but nothing exotic. FormBuilder was used to create forms, some of which are handled by a third party URL to have added functionality: shooting Leads to an external webservice for example.

The dealersites:














Work was done by us at X-com

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