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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I installed Wamp 2.5 correctly As a test I set up a new ProcessWire 2.6.1 which works (www/pw) Then I installed an existing site (www/kfc) and I can get into the admin ---> I even managed to do an upgrade to ProcessWire 2.6.1 and to ProcessWire 2.6.2 ) but there too I cannot edit pages as it throws errors Now here"s the problem: I cannot get the front end going as in the debug it throws errors. In debug it refers to links such as: http://www.php.net/ProcessPageView.execute on lines such as ..\index.php:241 ect ect In other words it invokes http://www.php.net/ etc etc --> is this normal? For sure not - But what must I change where for it not to happen anymore? Every blue link in the attached file refer to a link starting with http://www.php.net/ Many thanks for your advise! Bernard
  2. I'm having a little bit of trouble since swapping from PC (running WAMP) to MAC (running MAMP). I managed to get my site copied across to my MAC local server and everything is running fine... but I've noticed that when I submit a form (originally created using the very awesome formbuilder) that the email doesn't send and I don't get any confirmation email either. Does anyone know where I might be going wrong or where a good starting point would be? I just double checked the form on my windows machine (running WAMP) where both the email and confirmation email sent with no hiccups. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi All, I'm moving a site from it's current CMS into Processwire. I've installed the ProcessRedirects module for this project. I'm working locally on Windows 7 using a virtual host (yourmrrooter.lo) with WAMP server. The problem is the redirects simply do not work and instead I get a 404. Example: on the current live site, a page exists at www.yourmrrooter.com/drains-backing-up-total-drain/. In my Processwire site, the page exists at yourmrrooter.lo/residential-plumber/clogged-drains/total-drain/. I've set up a redirect in the module for /drains-backing-up-total-drain/ to point to /residential-plumber/clogged-drains/total-drain/ and I get a 404 page instead. Are there any known issues / fixes? Thanks
  4. So I'm trying to install processwire on my local testing server. I downloaded a fresh copy of the pw files into a local folder, then used dreamweaver ftp to upload them to a folder in WAMP. After hitting the "continue" button in the MySQL database/File permissions setup page, the install guide freezes for a long time and chrome just says "waiting for localhost" at the bottom left. Then, after a while, I get this blank processwire install page: Any ideas as to what is going on? I'm pretty sure I created a database table and user right. Here are the credentials I entered: DB Name: processwire DB User: godfrey DB Pass: ..... DB Host: localhost DB Port: 80 (changed from 3306) Also pretty sure I set up my user privileges right:
  5. Hi all! I'm no stranger to developing locally on my computer, in fact, I prefer it! I currently have WampServer2.2 on my 64bit Win 7 Ultimate 4GB RAM. Lots of testing virtualhosts and some subdomains. For some reason, I can't get ProcessWire to work properly on subdomains (but what's not what this topic is about). From time to time, I experiment with Linux. Just over this past Christmas I was heavily into Arch and some of its variants. Previously Linux Mint, Ubuntu, etc. I have many application licenses on Windows that fully switching to Linux and finding alternatives will be impossible. But I do tinker in Linux from time to time throughout the year and I keep coming back to Windows simply because running Win in a VirtualBox on Linux is a little slow. I have run into numerous tutorials/walkthroughs/guides etc. that show how to build a decent lamp-stack for web development - and I have done that numerous times. howtoforge.com has many examples! But I wanted to ask the tech geeks here on one of my favorite forums Which do YOU PREFER? 1. Windows + WAMP/XAMPP (100% Windows dependency) 2. Windows + VirtualBox & LAMP? 3. Linux (or Mac) + VirtualBox & Win 4. a complete LAMP or MAMP stack (zero Windows reliance) Again, I've used all the above, and tinkered beyond my hearts content in both environments. I just wanted to start a little discussion to find out how others have their LAMPs set up.
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