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Found 4 results

  1. I'm trying to get the rendered output of a page in a custom module. In my custom Process module, I have the following: public function ___execute() { $page = $this->pages->get(1); $page->of(true); $op = $page->render(); return "Hello World"; } An exception is thrown: The srcset functionality is used liberally to generate the desired output of a page. Any suggestions on what I can do to avoid the srcset error? Edit 1: using MarkupSrcSet module: https://processwire.com/modules/markup-src-set/ - which adds the srcset method in it's ready() functio
  2. Is it somehow possible to let page->render() use global variables? I want to render subpages in a template, which works fine for some cases. The problem: In the template there is an include, depending on a variable, which is set in the header. in the first head/ first template: $mobile = true; foreach($landingpage->children as $child) { echo $pages->get($child->id)->render(); } and in the template: include_once("./header.php"); if ($isMobile) {include("./mobile.inc");} but page->render() will (of course) not recognize the unknown $mobile variable. is there a way
  3. Hello for all, I try to find solution for my problem but without success. I want to create selectable "widgets" option (banners) inside pages, and for that try to use Ryan "Blogprofile" principle: 1. create page widgets (hidden) with blank ("no file") template 2. inside page Widgets, child pages are different type of content (image+link, text box with some link, link lists etc...) 3. every "banner" has it's own template with markup Inside Home page I created page field type (asmSelect) and set that selectable parent template is "widgets". And all that works, no any problems with adm
  4. So we have a project setup that has added a module that uses the addHookAfter('save') functionality. Essentially the goal is after a we actually "Save" the page options in the backend of PW we grab specific fields we have created and do an API call to an email service which includes doing a $page->render() to grab the full html for the page we are editing and send that along as the body of that email. The issue I am seeing when I actually view the page via the browser there are images that are showing correctly from a loop of articles but when I do the render I am only getting the path to
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