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Found 3 results

  1. First of all I'm as new to ProcessWire (PW) as they come, so bear with me if I ask stupid questions with obvious answers. I started looking into PW because I'm looking for something that would take out some of the grunt work of building an applications, yet be flexible enough to be able to implement custom functionality. I'm trying to work out if PW is suitable for my needs, ... A the moment I'm trying to create an architecture for a web platform on which multiple websites/webshops (750-1000) for pharmacists will be run. The websites will have different types of information, obviously there will be the 'own' pages the pharmacists create themselves. But as pharmacists tend 'not to be computer people' there is also content provided by the platform to make the site look alive, as well as public health information provided by the goverment. I was wondering if there is a way to structure/set up PW so that they have full access to their own content, and limited access (basically chose to publish it or not) to the externally provided content. Also is there a way to have the templates/page for the own content located in their own folder, and the 'external ones' in a shared folder so that they don't have to be repeated 1000 times on the server (and if modifications need to be done, it only has to be done once as well). Sincerely, Jurgen
  2. Hi, I was wondering whether there was an easy way to protect files so that they are only available to the page that links to them? For example: if I have a client page template and add a file field type to it, then create the page and attach a file - I would like to be able to secure that file so that it can only be accessed by the person viewing the page. This way I can create a secure page and file that can only be accessed by a client logging in and accessing their page.
  3. I have a situation where I need a client to be able to select from a pre-existing group of pages to include in a member's page of a site. For example, consider this structure: home category 1 --cat 1 content 1 --cat 1 content 2 category 2 --cat2 content 1 --cat2 content 2 members --bob --andrew So would it be possible for a client to choose on the page "bob" to show the page "--cat 1 content 1" and any other page in that category and possibly also "--cat 2 content 1"? The member's pages are hidden from the public and require a login to view "bob" and "andrew". Meaning only user "bob" can login to "bob". Would this be possible by using the "pages" field?
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