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Found 4 results

  1. I am a noob at this framework. While looking for dynamic options I found many modules have options/settings in the module. While I wanted to develop a module I found that I lack the knowledge of adding options in a module setting page. How to add options (radio buttons,selectors) in my processwire module?
  2. In the Doc it says: I have an options field (options_colors) configured like this: I want to have a query returning only pages with the VALUE 'red'. This is a query that works: $newsentries = $pages->find('template=news-entry,options_colors=number1,sort=-created,limit=16'); this is a query which does not work $newsentries = $pages->find('template=news-entry,options_colors=red,sort=-created,limit=16'); How do I query for 'red' instead of the title for the value?
  3. Hi! this should be easy, but I can't get it to work. I have a repeater with events. Every event has an option-field with multiple checkboxes. To filter the events on the frontend I have a script, that uses the class names to filter the results (an event can have multiple categories). Now I just want to add every checked option (title) to use as my class name. This is what I have so far, wich only gets the first title. foreach($page->events as $event) { $tags = $event->options->title; echo "<div class='size1of2 {$tags}'>"; echo "<img src='{$event->image->url}'>"; echo "{$event->text_editor}"; echo "</div>"; } I know there is an example with a foreach, but how would I use it in this context? foreach($page->countries as $country) { echo "<li>$country->title</li>"; }
  4. Hi, I've created an Options field and it keeps crashing by saving. I get the following message: "Forbidden. You don't have permission to access /admin/setup/field/save on this server." I activated the debug mode in the config file, but I don't see any error message. The options are from 1 to 20, with a standard value of 20. It's a "select (single value)". Nothing fancy otherwise. Has anyone encountered this before? Thanks.
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