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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I have pages that have separated fields for first name and last name. I'm working on a search form that has one single input field, so that if someone search for "John Doe" it should find all pages that have "first_name = John" and "last_name=Doe" or, of course, "first_name=Doe" and "last_name=John". What would be the best use of selectors and operators in this case? I came up with first_name=John|Doe, last_name=John|Doe so that i should split the search key with | I'm not sure this is the best solution. What would you suggest? Thank you!
  2. $pages->get("/stories/")->find("external_status!=accepted"); This selector works as expected, excluding all the story pages that have "accepted" in the external_status field, but it also excludes stories with no external_status defined (field is empty). How can I make sure those pages are included?
  3. Hi folks, Firstly... what an incredible CMS. Just been a breath of fresh air and really finding it so powerful. So thanks! Just a quick question. I read on the Inputfield Dependencies docs that OR selectors | aren't supported here yet. This is fine... but is there an alternative or another way to do the example below? I have a Pagefield set up for a 'Members' section, to choose whether the member is a Chair or Vice Chair when adding each children page to this section. If they select 'Chair' OR 'Vice Chair' from the dropdown, I would like a specific field (email address) to be shown. I have done some input dependencies on other fields/templates (show a closing_date field if the news type is 'Job') etc. but have only ever had one dependency to declare. Now I have two, which I know you can separate with a comma, but essentially, it needs to be if either 'Chair' or 'Vice Chair' is selected from the Pagefield dropdown. chair_vice=1062|chair_vice=1063 chair_vice=1062|1063 You see what I mean? Any clues/tips? Or would I need to create two fields here? An email field for Chair and an email field for Vice? Thanks in advance, R
  4. I'm building my first site with PW and am absolutely loving it. I've spent a lot of time reading the forums--fantastic community!--but can't seem to find the answer to my question....so here goes. I'm building a website for an art gallery and would like to have a section on the "exhibitions" page called "related news and press." The page hierarchy looks something like this "exhibitions-parent" (not visible) --"picasso exhibit" "news-parent" (not visible) --"Picasso exhibit opens!" --"New book about Picasso's life and times released" "press-parent" (not visible) --"Review of Picasso exhibit in the NYTimes" Children of "news-parent" use the template "news," which contains two relational page fields called "news_artist" and "news_exhibition" Children of "press-parent" use the tamplate "perss," which contains two relational page fields called "press_artist" and "press_exhibition" In my "related news and press" section I'd like to output all news or press items that are linked to either the exhibit or the artist. I know that the "|" can be used in selectors like this: firstname=Mike|Steve What I'd like to do, however, is something like this: $recent_news_and_press = wire("pages")->find("press_exhibition=$exhibition_id | news_exhibition=$exhibition_id | press_artist=$exhibition_artist | news_artist=$exhibition_artist"); I know this is the wrong syntax, as it doesn't work. Is there a way to do this in one find query, or do I need to run all those queries separately, and then combine them into an array? Also, is there a risk of duplicate results when doing this sort of query, and if so does anybody have any advice on that? Thanks so much!
  5. One more selector challenge to face: Currently I'm trying to show a list of pages which's common template owns a “confirmed” field set to true or false and a “user” page reference field. I need to select all pages that are confirmed OR owned by the user currently logged in, even if they aren't confirmed. And all this paginated and sorted by creation date. When I'm not totally wrong, there is just “,” as kind of an AND operator, but not OR but for cases like “title|headline=value”. Or did I miss something here?
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