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Found 4 results

  1. Under MODX my Newsletter Add-On manages all mailings in its own resource containers. This is comparable to a PW page, which serves as a container for subpages. My newsletter module GroupMailer will also provide an administration console where you can start, stop and generally manage mailings + allows you to watch the sending status. What would you recommend as an experienced PW user? How should the mailings be managed in the PW module? I want to follow the PW paradigms as much as possible and also offer the greatest possible flexibility. Here is a screenshot from the MODX version: Greetings, and a Happy New Year! Martin
  2. Hi, for my GroupMailer module I've created a custom Fieldtype + Inputfield module which provides multi-column field values. The first field column is a visible text field and there are some other columns which are not presented to user (they are rendered as hidden form fields). This is the database schema: $schema['data'] = 'text NOT NULL'; // we're using 'data' to represent our 'subject' field $schema['sendstatus'] = 'tinyint NOT NULL DEFAULT 0'; // message send status $schema['recipients'] = "int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT 0"; // recipients counter $schema['sent'] = "int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT 0"; // sent counter $schema['started'] = "int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT 0"; // message sending start $schema['finished'] = "int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT 0"; // message sending finished This are the ___wakeupValue and ___sleepValue methods: Now I try to extend this Fieldtype/Inputfield to provide multi language features. Only the first value ("data" which represents the "subject" field) should be/needs to be multi language! I had a look at the built in Fieldtypes (e.g FieldtypeText & FieldtypeTextLanguage) which provides multi language support but I couldn't find a similar case (multi-value field with language support). All built in Fieldtypes are single-value fields. I know this is a very "general" question but maybe somebody could push me in the right direction?
  3. I'm looking for an ON/OFF Inputfield for my GroupMailer module I'm currently writing. (Preferably based on a core field, not 3rd party) I'd like to implement a quick ON/OFF switch to quickly enable/disable all sending process (an emergency stop!). The field should submit it's value immediately after state changes. Maybe a checkbox toggle or a kind of button which is able to change it's state. Found this forum thread for changing a checkbox field to toggle style with CSS - but it's only for UIKit admin theme: What would you recommend? Greetings, Martin
  4. Hi, I'm starting the port of my MODX add-on GoodNews - a powerful integrated group and newsletter mailing system - to Processwire: http://www.bitego.com/extras/goodnews/ I know I'll have a long and hard way to go... ? In order to plan the basic principles for my module in advance, here is my first question (more will come, that's for sure): GoodNews Subscribers are basically MODX users extended with the necessary meta informations to handle subscriptions and other mailing related stuff. The benefit for a subscriber being a MODX user is that it I also can use the permission system of MODX. How should I handle this in Processwire? Should subscribers also be Processwire users? Or is it better to use a custom user type? How will processwire handle lists of thousands of users? Thanks in advance for your help! Greetings, Martin
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