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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, In one Page I would like to put a lot of url. There is url's field. Now, I add url's field to one template, but I don't know to add 2 or 3 or 10 url's field in that same template... the problem is simple, but processwire don't allow it...
  2. Hi all, Currently I'm developing a new feature for my module ImportPagesPrestashop. This module imports your categories, products and more from a prestashop database and implement that data in ProcessWire pages. I've made the following structure for this: Products (Parent Page which the user has to choose) Categories (implemented from the database) Products (Implemented from the database) And inside of the product pages several fields for the specifications of the products, description, images and more. So I've build a check inside of my module which doesn't allow you to first import the images and then the products or in another way, but you have to follow this route: Categories Products Specifications Images This is because the products require a category as their parent page and the specifications and images need a product page. Now I want to remove the check if you used this module before, so all pages you need are already there, you only need to update the pages. That's why I have done the following: $parent = $this->parent; if (!$parent->hasChildren()) { //if parent has no children, module isn't used before // set ranking in import // my code } if ($parent->hasChildren()){ //module is used before, so parent has children //no ranking in import, any button can be clicked. No specific path required. //my code } So far so good. It works and I was happy with it, until I tried to import the images of the products. I encountered a error which says this: Error: Call to a member function add() on a non-object (line 986 of / etc etc) So I was like huh, why doesn't this work. I will explain how I perform the import of the images. If the button is clicked, another function is called: if ($this->input->post->importimg) { return $this->processForm51($form); } so function ProcessForm 51 is called, below you can see this function: protected function processForm51(inputfieldForm $form){ ///... some code $this->ImportImages(); //Function is called which performs the import of the images return $this->processFormMarkupImg($imgImported); //return after the import } This function links to the function that performs the import: protected function importImages(){ // some code to get the images and store it in $pictures $pagesWithImages = wire("pages")->find("images_product.count>0"); //find pages with that field for the images foreach ($pagesWithImages as $product_page) { $product_page->images_product->removeAll(); // remove existing images $product_page->save(); } foreach ($pictures as $picture) { $id_product = $picture['id_product']; $product_pages = wire("pages")->get("productid=$id_product"); //get the correct page so the images are placed in the correct product page // ensure output formatting is off $product_pages->of(false); $str_prlink = $picture['product_name']; //make sure end of string ends with alphanumeric $image_name = preg_replace('/[^a-z0-9]+\Z/i', '', $str_prlink); $image_url = $picture['file_id'] . "/" . $image_name . '.jpg'; $image_path = "http://www.website/" . $image_url; try { $imgfield = $product_pages->images_product; $imgfield->add($image_path); //add the images to the field } catch (Exception $e) { } $product_pages->save(); } } This should work because when I perfom this import WITH the ranking in import (first categories, 2nd products etc) it works! I don't get it why this gives an error WITHOUT the ranking in import. So that's why I am asking it over here, hopefully anyone knows how to solve this. Thanks in advance, ~Harmen
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