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Found 8 results

  1. Skip the "Add New" dialog page on Page Tree and elsewhere and go directly to the resulting page that shows all page fields right away. Page creation is now improving from being a two-step to becoming a one-step process. Scenarios: When only one Template can be selected: Skip the intermediate "Add New" dialog page by adding a GUID or other temporary page name that is later renamed. Show the final editing page so user can start editing all fields right away On Save: Page name is renamed with title When multiple Templates can be selected: Ask user to select Template on clicking New (before leaving the Tree Page). Then use the "one Template" flow above. (I am aware why the Page Name is needed.)
  2. Hi, when moving a page in the page tree via drag'n'drop, it was not possible (for me) to move it one level down beneath another page. This only works, when the destination page already has a child page. Is there a trick to do drag and drop a page one level beneath another page, even if this page hasn't already got a child page? I tried this in Firefox and Chrome. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, Been updating fields on a live site from my dev site to get them in synch and I noticed repeater pages visible in my pagetree on teh live site. What might I have done to have this happen? The repeater module was enabled on both sites.
  4. Hi, I updated a site from version 2. something, can't recall for sure, to version 3.0.39. All is working fine on local server. However, when I uploaded to online server, the page tree display stopped working. 1. Whenever I try to access the page tree it gives an alert with the text: Uknown error, please try again later On the console I can see the following: GET http://mysite.com/admin/page/list?id=1&renderJSON&start=0&open=undefined&mode=actions 500 (Internal Server Error) JqueryCore.js?v=1478723146:2 2. Whenever I try to access the page children (when editing a page) it gives an alert with the text: Uknown error, please try again later On the console I can see the following: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status 500 http://mysite.com/admin/page/list?id=1040&renderJSON&start=0&lang=0&open=undefined&mode=actions (Internal Server Error) When I was updating, I got an error on the site config.php file. I forgot to update the $config->httpHosts for the domain in the new server, which was corrected after the update. The server is running PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.5.52, PW updated to 3.0.39 Any clues?
  5. Hello! I'm new here and have a question: i want to force pages to stay at the bottom of the pagetree: I edit the ProcessPageListRenderJSON.php and it works. class ProcessPageListRenderJSON extends ProcessPageListRender { protected $systemIDs = array(); public function __construct(Page $page, PageArray $children) { parent::__construct($page, $children); $this->systemIDs = array( $this->config->http404PageID, $this->config->adminRootPageID, $this->config->trashPageID, $this->config->loginPageID, //system login #################################################### 1088, 1036, ################################################################### ); } Is there a way to do this without hardcode it in the ProcessPageListRenderJSON.php?
  6. To increase usuability and much faster working when setting up a site it would be great to have a field for csv,txt data to be imported as new pages. Already there is a csv import module which is working good but to work fast in creating a pagetree or several subpages with several templates assigned each it is slow as you need to create the parentpage in pagetree than click - click to the csv import module and again you need to select the right template and the pagetreepage and than you can import. While the csv import module as a immediate switch to go to the pagetree after an import it would be nice to have the same vice versa and even much much better to have simply the csv import integrated in to the child page TAB field. --- There is also no way to get back to the Children TAB after yo have created one Children Page. It would be good that there is a way to get immediately back to the Children Tab of a Page after creating the first, than the second etc page. Right now it is cumbersom Click on Add new page in children tab and the new page gets created, you save and publish it (actually it would be also good to have a way to save and publish in one step) than you need to click on the breadcrumb to get to the parentpage, which loads the complete pagetree, which is actually not needed right now as you only want to create the next children Page from the Children Tab "Add Page" Thanks
  7. Case: You have to edit thousands of pages and assign to several pages different templates. i.e. when you import pages via csv/txt If you now have to change a branch of pages to use another template you have tp click every single page to do so, which costs a lot of time. beside this it is a huge resource fopr errors that one page gets skipped. To find those pages is not easy as you again have to click every single page than settings and than read what template gets assigned click again to get out and to the next page. A better way would be if there would be a way to list certain db fields from pages also beside the pagetree. i.e. pagetitle - used template file - any other field i.e. from SEO With a click of the "used template file" you would get immediately to the tab on that specific page to change the template. dito to modify other page related settings or fields. To get an overview it would be not enough to have only one page listed with these options. More usable would be to have the possibility to list actually branches or even the complete pagetree with their assigned additional fields and data in a table style to see immediately when i.e. template file hasn't been filled with the correct value or if th seo data of a certain page is missing or wrong. etc.
  8. Hi guys, just wanna ask a simple question and may i get a ok from some experienced guys or a no-way - that helps me to avoid trashing to much time. For now i love PW - and build some easy websites - but i've a real webapp on the desk that screws "i wanna go live". Since i'm working in a NGO for farmers that share manpower and maschines together and we did the clearance for this special kind of service. So we wanna build a webapp where clients could send us records online. Long words short sense..... I've read kongondo's tutorial about structuring (even with colors) but anyway i wanna ask if i'm on the right track. Visible Pages (Frontend): Home (with login for different roles) ->role/login ngo-admin -Website (App) for the NGO (who gets records) --Dashboard --Settings --Import/Export (get the records) ->role/login agent/company -Website (App) for the companys/farmer (who sets records) --recording (choose some refered clients, choose refered services add values and save) --clients (partners from the farmers / remitter) --maschines/service --settings --send/sync (or more a clearing for the ngo admin) Cats and Dataschema: --NGO's (may this solution would used from other district offices, too) ---district one ---district two ... --Companys / Agents (Farmers as agents that do work or rent a maschine) ->special one project can have several firms ---agent one ---agent two ... (pagefield for related clients of this agent, settings, reference for records...) --Clients / Firms (here all firms available all farmers with theire companys even the related firms that linked under companys/agents) ---client one ---client two ... (adress and other relevant stuff, reference for records...) --Maschines/Services ---service one ---service two ... --Records ---record one ---record two ... (specific data, reference on ngo, project and client) May you get the idea - it's not so easy if clients of clients have clients, too regards mr-fan Edited some definitions for a better reading. The NGO setup the projects for the agents that assign what clients/firms has a agent to choose and the clients/firms for that he works. And get the records for clearance like with manuel printed delivery order's. The Agent can record his works and commit them. The client/firm has no login and it is only the data that is used by the agents like "contacts" or "remitter". Would be a kinda like an odermanagement but with not only two parties......
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