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  1. The resume uploads fine, but everytime I try to access it, it says "this page is not intended for direct access". How would I make it so that link opens the file?
  2. After migrating a pw install to the live site from development, the $config->urls->root is not working. I've tried to echo it and I'm not getting nothing there either. This is the second one that has done this while others have worked fine so I'm not real sure what is going on. Any help?
  3. I'm trying to insert a subject line in to a formbuilder form field. Any clues on where I should begin?
  4. Is there a way to break the users page in to different sections? For instance, I'm creating a church site and they have Ministers, Missionary, and regular users. Each of these usertypes have different fields and is therefore making the add user form very large and hard to navigate. Is there a way to make a Ministers page that simly adds the fields I need to add a minister user and the same for the rest?
  5. similar to what happens when you hover over a forum members name on here.
  6. I'm needing more of a userlist, click on a members name, and show their profile page
  7. I've created a list of members using $users, I would like to be able to click on the user and open a profile type page. Is there a page that already contains this information that I can just pass the user id number to?
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