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  1. RT @Pinboard: The Programmers’ Credo: we do these things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy

  2. RT @pokemapdev: We just received a cease and desist a notice. Shutting down the project, it’s been really fun guys! - @waishda https://t.c…

  3. RT @BCH2011: JETZT Ticket für das #bch16 bestellen: https://t.co/7oTpvFzot4 Und vor allem dem neuen Profil folgen @barcamphannover

  4. RT @sixtus: Da stehen wir hilflos herum, mit unseren Fakten und Zusammenhängen, während die Reaktionären mit ihren Horrormärchen die Mensch…

  5. RT @688i: Das muss diese unaufgeregte Berichterstattung sein, von der alle reden. https://t.co/A9ZTt53qsT

  6. RT @brianleroux: “History tells us what will happen next with Brexit & Trump” by Tobias Stone https://t.co/amBzez7UUX

  7. RT @philippsteuer: 21.000 Views. WTF. Einfach nur danke! Wir sollten doch eine Bewegung starten. Die PikaPikaPartei. Oder so ;)! https://t.…

  8. RT @rupl: I got @ThePhysicalWeb running on my laptop in about 3 minutes thanks to this awesome post: https://t.co/WuZgwTjwSE

  9. RT @dhm: I think these stock photo models are running a disability scam. https://t.co/MoZ3sY8bCW

  10. RT @XplodingUnicorn: Me: *wins a Pokemon battle* This is my greatest accomplishment. Wife: Uh, you have four kids. Me: You're right. I sh…

  11. RT @snookca: A front-end developer is at the crux of so much on the web. https://t.co/40ZTnlSGbx

  12. RT @ArtVolumeOne: https://t.co/TLWMmHnbzu

  13. felix

    Anyone using a Fitbit?

    I'll also start tracking my vital signs, soon. But after a lot of "research" I'm going to to buy a Garmin Vivosmart HR (longer lifetime, more accuracy...) instead. I'm also slightly overweight atm but cycle about 100-150km(63~93miles) per week (for the last 5 months). Currently I use Strava to track my rides. As I'm always cycling with my mobile phone as a tracker there was no need for a gps enabled device (otherwise I would most likely have chosen the vivioactive hr). You should really check out garmin products instead of fitbit from what I've heard and read.
  14. RT @stshank: To those who think the web has lost to apps: better stay up to date with the latest counterinsurgency. https://t.co/eviYSFDPj3

  15. @schoschie @Spotify still dope!

  16. RT @firt: It's time to say goodbye to our iPhone app. We just have a nice website now. @patagonia https://t.co/hBPRTGwHBR https://t.co/QF…

  17. RT @firt: It's time to say goodbye to our iPhone app. We just have a nice website now. @patagonia https://t.co/hBPRTGwHBR https://t.co/QF…

  18. RT @Spacekatgal: Tim Cook, "As you know, the App Store is the best business opportunity for developers."My entire room of developers, "TR…

  19. RT @rodneyrehm: Android Instant Apps, Progressive Web Apps and the Future of the Web - https://t.co/oRERkEsQ1l

  20. RT @slightlylate: Great stuff. Also see: https://t.co/fXU9PXWuoSTL;DR: PWA gets similar engagement, lower user acquisition cost https://t…

  21. RT @ebidel: @slightlylate my data point: the Google I/O mobile web app saw 23x more users than the Android app, 167x more than the iOS app.

  22. RT @sarahcpr: I just published “Do You Take Yourself Seriously?” https://t.co/Yv7gYsUrSx

  23. RT @t3n: 44 Prozent der Chefs halten sich für digital kompetent. Die Mitarbeiter sehen das etwas anders. https://t.co/KnHR5AdGYn

  24. RT @samccone: Headless Chrome is coming so soon

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