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  1. Any luck getting xdebug and processwire working. I'm in phpstorm as well. I can successfully break anywhere before the Wire class has been instantiated. When breaking, xdebug failed silently or I get the following error. Warning: Uncaught Error: Class 'ProcessWire\WireDebugInfo' not found in C:\dev\www\pw\vkauai\wire\core\Wire.php:1695 Stack trace: #0 C:\dev\www\pw\vkauai\wire\core\Fuel.php(91): ProcessWire\Wire->__debugInfo() #1 C:\dev\www\pw\vkauai\wire\core\ProcessWire.php(200): ProcessWire\Fuel->set('wire', Object(ProcessWire\ProcessWire), true) #2 C:\dev\www\pw\vkauai\index.php(
  2. What is the recommended way to completely hide a page and it's children, in the back-end, from a user group or a user yet still allow the item to be displayed on the front end to everyone?
  3. I think this is the solution that I am looking for. See https://processwire.com/talk/topic/6366-advice-on-setting-up-site/ But I am not seeing how to associate a page and it's children with a user group. Are there any instructions? Update: I needed to install the 2nd module, User Groups Hooks
  4. I am looking into integrating Multisite or UserGroups as a possible solution. Multisite module https://github.com/apeisa/Multisite/blob/master/Multisite.module UserGroups module https://github.com/apeisa/UserGroups
  5. Basically I need something like Drupal's Organic Groups.
  6. Thanks kongondo, I may be using the dashboard module in a new project.
  7. I am looking for some advice on setting up a multi-user and multi-school website/application. Each school and user will be created by a superuser; so there is no "self registration" functionality (at this point). On the back-end, It is important that when user1 logs in he can only see and edit the school1 players. On the font-end each school will have it's own url e.g. site.com/school1 Any hints would be much appreciated. Users user1 - school1 user2 - school1 user3 - school2 Pages schools school1 school2 players football players player1 - school1 player2 - s
  8. How flexible is the PW admin. Could a custom admin theme be created which mimics adobe lightroom or more specifically the library and text sections of koken cms? What challenges would there be?
  9. I think a sqlite compatibility would be fantastic for smaller sites. It is so common to be working on a client's shared host to find mysql running painfully slow. In contrast, sqlite will respond instantly. Drop http://getcockpit.com/ into a sluggish shared hosting environment and watch what happens.
  10. I need to create content pragmatically. e.g. In the admin I plan on creating a button that will create a bunch of pages from a json feed. Is this possible? Can you point me to the correct API? Thanks.
  11. Thanks Ryan, I will keep my eyes on the project.
  12. Form Builder may be perfect for my next project. A couple questions: Is there a way to populate a drop down lists based on a previous selection? eg. selecting a state populates the next list with counties in that state? Also the client is requesting multi page forms to split up the long form Finally is there any sort of Conditional Logic where a form will present a set of questions based on a previous choice? Thanks.
  13. Very encouraging, thanks everyone! I am really enjoying the zen like simplicity of PW.
  14. Thanks, I will look into this right away. Did a search for membership without much luck. I would much rather jump into PW then wrestle with WP/Buddypress for the simple site I have in mind.
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