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  1. Hello @Gideon So, I'm using PW 3.0.62 (stable). Yu
  2. Thank you @Gideon So! I tested it and it worked quite well. I really hope this feature is realised in the core... Yu
  3. Hello @Gideon So and @adrian, Thank you for sharing the github link. I quickly read the threads and noticed some people have the same concern. I wanted to test the modified core file, but the Dropbox link seems to expire now. Do you happen to have a copy? I currently try the solution bernhard and abdus suggested, but it turns out simply use Content-Disposition doesn't work on some browsers. I'm looking at this code now, which partially solve my problem. http://qiita.com/mpyw/items/202bef4349bfdc7e5c13#_reference-20f16504015c97498dc5 (article in Japanese) Yu
  4. Thank you @bernhard and @abdus ! The download attribute is very simple and easy, but I'm not sure I can ignore IE. I'll work on this and come back with (hopefully good) results Yu
  5. Hello all, Thank you for your advice! @bernhard, the reason is that I need to let users download files with Japanese filenames. So, as @abdus suggested, if I can change the filename to, for example the value in 'Description' field of the file, it is OK. I don't need to keep original filenames on the webserver. Would you advice me how I can do this? Thank you! Yu
  6. Hello Gideon, Thanks for your message. It's a pity that non-alphanumeric filenames are not supported. I need to integrate another file management system just because of this. Wordpress has a option to keep the original filenames, but I really want to use Processwire for my project. @ryan, do you have any plan to implement this feature, in the core or plugin (or anything)? Yu
  7. How can I upload files without changing the original filenames? I use processwire in English and Japanese. When I upload a file, the filename is sanitized and changed to an alphanumeric name. I need some files to be uploaded with original filenames with Japanese characters (2-byte characters). Is there a good way to do this? Thanks in advance, Yu
  8. Hello @teppo, I'm sorry for my late feedback. I installed the fixed (latest) version, and it's working nicely. Thank you very much for the great module!
  9. Thank you very much for fixing this, @teppo! I replaced the module with version 1.3.4 and the configuration page worked fine. But when I tried to save it, another error occurred. Error: Exception: Method Modules::getInstall does not exist or is not callable in this context (in xxx/wire/core/Wire.php line 232) Sorry to trouble you so many times, but would you tell me what to do to solve this?
  10. Hello, this module looks fantastic. But unfortunately, I encounter an error while setting up the module. I'm using ProcessWire 2.3.0 with Languages Support module. I installed the latest version of this module (1.3.1), but when I try to configure the module, it returns an error: "Method TemplatesArray::makeCopy does not exist or is not callable in this context" The other modules - Page Snapshot and Revision History For Text Fields are installed correctly and the configuration of Revision History is working. Any ideas to solve this issue? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello, I've recently updated a showcase website for (private) antique collection. http://agcat.net/ Module I used: - Procache - Batcher This website is expected to be written in Japanese/English, but English texts are not available yet. Developing this website, I thought Processwire would be a fantastic solution to organise and show cultural heritage such as museum collections!
  12. Hello Exceptionz Project and Soma, Thank you very much for your help! I modified the example slightly and tested the code below. In the front-end page, $label_FIELDNAME should display the context-field-label (if exists). The code is working fine, I think $currUserLangID = $user->language->name != 'default' ? $user->language : ''; $f_items = $page->template->fields; foreach($f_items as $f_item){ $f_itemname = $f_item->name; $f_itemdefault = $fields->get("$f_item"); $fieldID = $fields->get("$f_itemname")->id; $contextfield = $page->template->fieldgroup->getFieldContextArray("$fieldID"); $f_itemcontent = $contextfield["label$currUserLangID"]; if($f_itemcontent){ ${'label_' . $f_itemname} = $contextfield["label$currUserLangID"]; }else{ ${'label_' . $f_itemname} = $f_itemdefault->get("label$currUserLangID"); } }
  13. Hello, I'm new to processwire and trying to build a multilingual (Japanese-English) website. Installation was done and multilingual feature is nicely working. Thank you for this great CMS! My question is about the use of "Field-Template Context" discussed in this topic. Is there a way to display context-field-labels set by template on front-end? For example, if there's a field like; field name = price default label = price /default label (ja) = price-ja label in templateA = shipping / label in templateA (ja) = shipping-ja then how I can display the label "shipping" and "shipping-ja"on the pages that use templateA?
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