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  1. indeed, you are correct that your module was crammed into a separate block. The previous questions have disappeared. Can I define my own file formats? You need to download 'doc, docx'. The rest so as not to even offer to saving. as with mp3, txt the following options, as I understand it, need to be set. the following options, as I understand it, need to be set. But the save button still appears in such formats as: .xls, .jpg, .png, .zip, .iso, pdf. if you save the files, then all the allowed formats appear in the folder, but I would like to get rid of the button for unauthorized formats
  2. I want to do 2 things: - clear the list of selected files when closing the module window; - add closing the window, after downloading all the files at once. But your code is quite difficult to understand at my level and I don’t understand where exactly the button press of the forms is processed. p.s. I apologize if I do not make myself clear, because I am Russian-speaking.
  3. where the file upload button is processed?
  4. thank you so much.you really helped
  5. I did upload files to the server and now I need to display the names of these files on my page.how to do it. thank you in advance.
  6. Is it possible to receive notifications in the administrative version of the processwire when user upload a file?
  7. thank you so much, louisstephens
  8. pls help I made a news template with various fields and I want my list to appear automatically on the main page with all the news names how to do it sorry for my bad english
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