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  1. Hi @kongondo, I'm loving the work you've done with the blog module allready and am using it to set up a multi language blog. I do have a problem with rendering the blog in the secondary language. The blog categories and tags are not rendered, I assume this is because they aren't translated yet? The blog posts themselves don't appear in the secondary language but still output the content from the primary language. Do you have any idea what i could change to get the blog to work in my secondary language? Dutch version: French version:
  2. "Allow Page Numbers" was enabled in the template allready upon creating the template. But the pagination just doesn't work it seems.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I did interpret that incorrectly and using find i get all the requested information correctly. The pagination links still aren't working at the moment, where the issue remains the same. Links are present and rendered, but nothing happens when clicking them. Navigating to the url itself, will always render the first page of results wether being on page 1 or 1831 (current last page)
  4. Greetings, I've created a product database which all use the template product.php and are published on the website. I'm trying to create an overview table with pagination of all the products, but using $pages->get does not return an object, only the object title. $products = $pages->get("template=product, limit=10"); This returns 10 strings in the frontend but not the object. When looping over the result set to get product fields, i get the following error: Notice: Trying to get property 'title' of non-object Because the product database is fairly large, i've added a pagination using the same query and this does return all the pages, but i can't click on the links that the paginator renders. $results = $pages->find("template=product, limit=10"); if($results->getTotal() > 10) { echo $results->renderPager(array( "nextItemLabel" => "Volgende", "previousItemLabel" => "Vorige", "currentItemClass" => 'active' )); } I've added the option in the template to allow page numbers. When i navigate to the link manually, i still end up seeing the 10 first products. I've tried changing several settings around, but i'm a bit stuck on how to resolve these issues. Do you have any advice what I need to adjust? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  5. So just to let u know, i've resolved the issue by creating an entire new template and new field, however I still have no idea what caused the issue in the first place.
  6. Greetings, I've ran into an issue with adding a repeater field to a template. The page editor in the backend shows the fields and the data attached to the fields, including the repeater. However, when viewing the template in the front-end, there is no sign of a repeater field in the data set. ["data"]=> array(3) { ["name1189"]=> string(11) "partenaires" ["status1189"]=> string(1) "1" ["title"]=> string(8) "Partners" } } Do u have any idea what could be causing this issue? I've tried recreating the field and there is no caching active, but still can't get the repeater in the data set.
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