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  1. Of course... I can't believe I missed this. Thanks.
  2. I'd guess so too, but when I edit the version number to 1.0.1 at https://modules.processwire.com/edit/tiny-bar, it's still 1.0.0 after saving.
  3. @Mike-it @bernhard Thanks, I've now updated the module on GitHub. I'm not sure how to update the version number in the module directory, but the updated version is downloadable from GitHub. It states "If your module's source code is hosted at GitHub, the directory will keep the version and README fields up-to-date automatically (once daily)", but I'm not familiar with the method that the directory uses for version number detection.
  4. A simple module to enable easy navigation between the public and the admin side of the site. After installation a green bar will appear to the upper side of the screen, containing a few navigation elements and displaying the PW version number. Heavily inspired by @apeisa's great AdminBar (Thanks!). I needed a bit simpler tool for my projects and as a result, this was made. Available on GitHub .
  5. I've had similar issues occasionally and haven't always really understood why the selector has suddenly started working in the desired way. Removing the whitespace(s) from selector has solved similar cases sometimes. Also the pages may have been hidden or unpublished, which would require the "include=hidden" or "include=all" property to be defined.
  6. I think there might be some kind of quick fix for this, but “I’ll be back” with the details later this week.
  7. I understand that “non issue” point of view but I’d like to clarify this a bit more, maybe some other users are also wondering about this. =) I agree that when creating a new page it’s ok to have a template select. Actually I think that it’s quite mandatory, because now in this case the template for the new page will always be the same that it’s on the parent page without any notification to the user. This could be quite confusing in some cases. As you mentioned, removing that line would cause the template change to be visible in both views (creating and editing page). On previous versions of PW (not sure which versions exactly) the id of the element containing the template change was named differently thus causing the element only on the edit page to be hidden. Which was good. Now on the new versions of PW the element containing the template change when creating a new page is renamed exactly the same for some reason and the adminbar, well, doesn’t behave the same way as usual anymore. Creating and editing pages directly from the PW admin side of course works very well and doesn’t cause similar issues, but that’s not always the use case considering that site administrators may use both adminbar and the normal PW admin side.
  8. Anssi

    Movie Talk

    The American version of Oldboy is quite good, just watched it on Netflix without any big expectations.
  9. Antti, AdminBar seems to hide the template dropdown when adding a new page on ProcessWire 2.5.2 sites. I'm not sure why this particular line was originally added, but removing it fixes the bug: https://github.com/apeisa/AdminBar/blob/master/AdminBar.module#L142 Do you have some idea if this change will cause problems with earlier versions of ProcessWire?
  10. This looks very nice but some issues have come up: Only Bing and Ask searches seem to be tracked properly. I didn't get any keyword data from Google and Yahoo, quite possibly because in these cases the referring URLs don't contain any keyword parameters at all. I don't know if this is a country specific issue or what but on my searches the links in Google and Yahoo search results are redirects where all keyword information is removed. Also when ProCache is turned on no tracking info is recorded.
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