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  1. I think I figured it out. This page is considered a "landing page" in this site, so if I load it at domain/mypage it ignores my template. If I load it at domain/landingpages/mypage it DOES load my template. So now I need to figure out how to get it to load my template when the url doesn't have that extra /landingpages/ in the url.
  2. I wondered. I'm used to Joomla and Wordpress, so this was completely new and confusing for me. I did follow the exact steps, though I made the php file first, then it popped up as an option to choose when I create the new template from the admin area. Something the original dev did must be getting in the way, because it renders exactly like the original template, not my new one. In fact, even though it's chosen for that page, I can literally empty my file and it still renders on the front end. I'll dig a bit more and look at the url segments thing. I'm pretty sure they didn't leave any d
  3. Hello! I've got a single client on Processwire and it's completely foreign to me. I've been able to find most things, but they've asked for a custom designed page with a full width header image/section, and then a body block and a right side bar below the header. They're using a landing page template, so I duplicated that, figured out how to add it in the admin, and assigned it to the page. Nothing. It doesn't change a thing. I feel like I'm missing something obvious. I've made sure all the fields are the same, I tried to set up the parent/child stuff though this page doesn't have a paren
  4. @tpr No, I haven't fiddled in the database. I'm thinking this template is old though, and is likely missing some things. I had to add the name space to a few files and also fix a few things that wouldn't play nice with PHP 7.3.
  5. @horst I'm up to date as far as I know. It's running 2.0.15. I may edit my hosts file so I can see their old site again and check in there. It's possible they've been ignoring the errors for a while, but I'm not sure. Thanks!
  6. Hello! I'm brand new to ProcessWire (having been a Joomla! guy for many years and then adding Wordpress to my toolkit more recently). I've taken on a new client and their site uses ProcessWire. Last night I got the joy (lol) of moving their site to my large VPS and learning the ins and outs of PW. They were running PHP 7.0 and I bumped them to PHP 7.3. After fixing a bunch of front end issues with their theme, everything looks good except that in the admin, AdminOnSteroids is throwing some notices: PHP Notice: Trying to get property 'template' of non-object in .../AdminOnSteroids/Admi
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