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  1. @tpr No, I haven't fiddled in the database. I'm thinking this template is old though, and is likely missing some things. I had to add the name space to a few files and also fix a few things that wouldn't play nice with PHP 7.3.
  2. @horst I'm up to date as far as I know. It's running 2.0.15. I may edit my hosts file so I can see their old site again and check in there. It's possible they've been ignoring the errors for a while, but I'm not sure. Thanks!
  3. Hello! I'm brand new to ProcessWire (having been a Joomla! guy for many years and then adding Wordpress to my toolkit more recently). I've taken on a new client and their site uses ProcessWire. Last night I got the joy (lol) of moving their site to my large VPS and learning the ins and outs of PW. They were running PHP 7.0 and I bumped them to PHP 7.3. After fixing a bunch of front end issues with their theme, everything looks good except that in the admin, AdminOnSteroids is throwing some notices: PHP Notice: Trying to get property 'template' of non-object in .../AdminOnSteroids/AdminOnSteroids.module:2970 PHP Notice: Trying to get property 'name' of non-object in .../AdminOnSteroids/AdminOnSteroids.module:2970 Does anyone know how to fix this? I can hack my way around some PHP, but I'm not a programmer, so this one is a bit beyond my understanding. Any help would be appreciated.
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